401G 'farting' ;)

401G 'farting' ;)

Postby WendyAnne » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:56 pm


Brand spanking newbie here!

I inherited my grandmother's 401G and had not used it until this week after having had maintenance done on it by a professional engineer back in October.
I was doing some simple straight stitching, practising seaming on an old sheet, when about an hour and a half in, I heard a 'fart' (sorry to use the word) coming from the right hand side of the machine.

I feared a fuse had blown, but soon realised it could not have been that, as the light was still working. So, I carefully tried to sew again, and it worked fine. However, I did notice my foot pedal suddenly seemed very hot (I was sewing barefoot).

Does anyone know what happened? Also, was the 'hot' pedal linked to this and if so, should I stop when I hear it? (I quickly finished what I was doing and then stopped as I didn't quite trust it).

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me. :)

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Re: 401G 'farting' ;)

Postby ThreadrMend » Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:56 pm

Hi. There could be something going on with the foot pedal (loose connection/broken wire), but do not operate the Singer any more until the problem is resolved. My best suggestion at the moment is to bring the machine to your local sewing center for repair.
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