Hi,new to the forum and with a 201k problem.

Hi,new to the forum and with a 201k problem.

Postby Tommo1200 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:45 pm

Hi guys,my name is Neil and live in the UK.I have a few machines,a Consew,Cowboy 3200 and four vintage Singers the most recent a 1952 201k,which wouldn't sew when I first got it.It will now after a few adjustments but still having a few problems such as skipped stitches and snags underneath.Would like some advice on needle height,service adjusters manual says the eye should be 1/16" below the hook,with the timing mark on the lowest with the needle moving up,Mine looks to be 1/4" below.The needle seems to be fully in,and my needle bar is on maximum adjustment,any more and the needle holder hits the tube the bar runs in...it's as if the needle is too long,but it's a 15x1...wonder if there is a snapped needle in there?...would appreciate any thought,or dimensions I could check,such as depth of needle hole or eye to needle clamp...or thoughts on needle bar adjustment.........cheers.
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