Embroidered Tulle on Dress

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Embroidered Tulle on Dress

Postby minneaXX » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:57 pm

Hey all- I'm new here, so please excuse the misnaming, etc. So I'm about to begin a new project. I'm making a pretty simple pattern, with crepe de chine. I'm going to put a tulle overlay on the skirt, which is embroidered and whatnot (beading as well). So my question is, When do I add the tulle? Do I embroider it first and then add it to the dress, and if so, do I add it to the completed dress or just the skirt of it (the dress has a waist, so obviously I'm constructing the top and bottom separately)? OR do I put the tulle on first and then embroider both crepe and tulle together? I realise this is a very ambitious project and am saving many hours to practising the embroidery and beading. Thanks!!
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