Pressing Matters!

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Pressing Matters!

Postby Sarah Doyle » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:26 pm

Many of us have been sewing for so many years that the various aspects of the sewing project are second nature to us. However, because I ran into a small problem while pressing a garment I was working on, I thought it might be time to actually "think" about what I was doing, and not just let the hands move while my brain is someplace else. So, I've put together a few "pressing" tips that I'm sure most people know, but also can be forgotten when a job is being done in a hurry. The hint for MY problem is if in doubt of how pressing will affect the fabric you're working with, always press it ON THE WRONG SIDE. Other little tidbits include **always press hems with an up and down motion - not "around" the hem - this will help eliminate the ripples in the hem. **You can make press cloths out of pieces of an old sheet, old diapers or clean linen dish towels. **Speaking of clean, NEVER press or iron or "touch up" for a second wearing unclean garments. Any stains or soil, even if you can't see it, will be ironed in permanently. **Always try on a garment BEFORE pressing in sharp creases, such as pleats, zipper laps, etc in case you have to make a change. And check out this last tip! **Did you know that if you press or iron when you're angry it will cause you to have a "heavy" hand and perhaps cause damage to some garments you're ironing? With that in mind, I think I'll run check my ironing basket and get busy while I'm in a good mood and having a great day!
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