Silvercrest SNM 33 A1 Reverse Switch Malfunction

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Silvercrest SNM 33 A1 Reverse Switch Malfunction

Postby Tahir4awan » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:35 pm

I have bought a second hand Silvercrest SNM 33 A1 machine. It is working good. Though I haven't checked all stitches yet but basic stitches are very good. Only one problem it's reverse switch is not working well. This is first time I am using this machine. I bought it on eBay but when I received it, it's reverse switch was pushed in from one side. I think it may be delivery damaged.

I took out switch and pressed it, it was not going up automatically may be a spring problem. But when I press it, it makes very narrow stitches in reverse just like lock stitches. I don't know it is normal or not. Because I have seen machine works same in both forward and reverse stitches.

The problem is I don't have technical manual so that I can disassemble the machine. Secondly if I use reverse stitches in this condition can it harm machine gears? Or break any internal parts?

Please help.
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