Dropping stitches and breaking upper thread

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Dropping stitches and breaking upper thread

Postby quourteous » Thu May 04, 2017 2:08 am

I have a Singer 4423, but I'm not posting this in 'Problems' because it's a mechanical problem and I suspect it's general, not Singer-specific.

The machine did a good enough job when new and has not seen a huge amount of use, mostly for hemming my kids' pants.

It has now developed two problems:

1. It sews thin fabrics fine, but as it approaches extra thicknesses, as at a seam, it drops stitches; then it picks up again once it's past the seam and back on level ground.

2. It sews okay at slow speeds, but there is an occasional 'click' sound from the housing above the needle, which becomes a 'clunk' at higher speeds, and then the upper thread breaks at or around the needle.

Any ideas what's causing these problems? I am reasonably mechanically adept and willing to try my hand at fixing it (I'm out of warranty and Singer service is priced so as pretty much to make it easier to buy a new machine). I've looked at several YouTube videos but they either dwell on timing issues (don't think that's my problem, but i don't know) or are general maintenance. Nothing seems to address my second problem.

Thanks all,
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Re: Dropping stitches and breaking upper thread

Postby Keith » Thu May 25, 2017 1:27 am

problem 1 - Have you tried a hump jumper? They are made specifially to help with seams and large thickness changes. Check youtube for a video, it's too hard to explain in words.
problem 2 - It sounds like you have very high upper tension. As it snaps back and tightens again it will make a clicking sound with the takeup lever. This will get louder at higher speeds. Take your tension down to 3-5 and it should be better.
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