Brother XR-31 Shuttle hook will not engage

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Brother XR-31 Shuttle hook will not engage

Postby knittybang » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:18 pm

Hi! I’m having difficulty :? , as I am just getting back into sewing, and am hoping someone can offer some advice before I take it for servicing.

I recently purchased a brother XR-31. The shuttle hook is the mechanism that holds the bobbin case, correct? If so, currently, pushing down on the pedal does not cause the shuttle hook to rotate. I am able to rotate the shuttle hook by hand and it seems to move without much effort. I also took it out to ensure it wasn’t dirty and reassembled. It still is not rotating when pushing the pedal or turning the wheel.

At this point in my Root Cause Analysis, I concluded that there must be a disconnection somewhere in the machine? Such as the driveshaft(s)? Maybe?

Also, I feel that I should make note that yesterday evening some thread bunched up underneath because of a tension issue. I was able to remove and resume sewing.
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