Brother Foot Pedal Problem

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Brother Foot Pedal Problem

Postby joe » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:33 pm

Hi everyone I'm trying to get my PC8200 working. The manual says to use Model J-2 the one I have is Model T They look identical and both have the headphone style jack (3.5mm I believe.) on them. When I plug in the Model T the start/stop, reverse, and needle up/down buttons no longer function they just go dead. My Question is is there a specific resistance that different models with the same connectors use to tell the machine the foot pedal is connected because strangely enough if I plug my ear buds into the jack and try the buttons now they beep and say the start/stop will not fuction with the foot pedal attached and the needle up down functions as it should. If anyone knows the correct resistance or voltage the PC8200 is looking for to try and modify the pedal if have any advice would be greatly appreciated the machine obviously knows something is connected when I plug in the model T so I thinks its possible this pedal will work if I can get the machine to recognize it by wiring in the proper resistor. BTW I bought the wrong pedal if anyone is wondering why I don't just order the correct pedal I cant return this one!!
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