Touble with Rex 11-155R Walking Foot

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Touble with Rex 11-155R Walking Foot

Postby frozedog » Wed May 21, 2014 12:41 am

Just bought this Old Rex 11-155R Walking Foot machine. I have worked on several regular sewing machines but this is my First walking foot. Have done a thorough cleaning and tune up. Set the hook timing and have ensured it’s correct Based on the factory manual. Problem: Using a #22 needle and #92 thread and the machine set on 6 mm stitch ( or any stitch length for that matter) and then playing with the upper tension (high or low) doesn’t seem to matter, the Needle thread is being shredded after about 5 or six stitches. I’ve checked the hook to ensure there are no “Spurs” on the point and that it’s nice and sharp. First “Walking Foot” I’ve ever dealt with so, I’m at my Wits End and what else to look for. It seems to be hooking the thread correctly but the upper tension does seem to be off a bit and does not seem to be tight enough no matter how much it tighten it I can seem to get it to pull the bobbin thread up . Still have “Loops” on the bottom but it feels tight in the tensioning discs. The thread appears to be shredding at the needle eye. I have checked everything in the Thread path and there are NO burrs or anything that I can see or feel that would be causing an abrasion to the thread. But the Stitch is definitely not correct. It appears like there is NO top tension no matter how tight I tighten the top tension discs. I've double checked to ensure the machine is threaded 100% correctly. I can and will provide pictures and or videos if needed. Brand new needle and Thread sewing in Standard upholstery vinyl. I’m trying to learn about these walking foot machines so if any of you experts can lend me your knowledge I’d appreciate it.
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