Kenmore 158 Clunking Noise

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Kenmore 158 Clunking Noise

Postby MrsKingPin » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:23 am

Hello! I have a Kenmore 158 from 1977. It has been a great machine and a real workhorse. It has started to act up recently - birds nest underneath and a loud clunking noise when I sew with any sort of speed. I have had it tuned up within the last few months (and would rather not pay them MORE money if I can fix it myself), cleaned and oiled everything, new needle, rethread everything, and the tension seems just fine. The hook and shuttle look fine - no nicks or dents. It does sew on a low speed, but when I go at a reasonable pace it starts clunking and skipping SOME stitches. Is this a timing issue or am I missing something else? I investigated adjusting the timing but it doesn't look like any of the instructions I can find. Any help you can offer would be great! I love this machine and don't want to start the long hunt of finding another sewing partner!
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