ELNA Club 500 - I need to solve a simple problem

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ELNA Club 500 - I need to solve a simple problem

Postby iancls » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:21 pm


Is anyone using and ELNA club 500? I was given one a few weeks ago and decided to clean it before use. Unfortunately I took off feed plate by unscrewing ALL the screws. I did wonder why I had to fetch an allen key to do this and and I guess this action should have sent warning bells. I have put it all back together and it seems to be working fine. I would like to check I have done everything correctly as I had to guess the position of a small bracket on the underside of the feed cover plate. I need simple picture of the underside of the feed cover plate or just a picture of the top of the feedcover plate once the needle plate is removed would help. The needle plate is lfited off and the feed cover plate is removed by undoing two screws - tool is with the ELNA kit. Page 42 of the manual shows this.

If you could help me it would be great.

Kind regards

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