Industrial sewing machine need help

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Industrial sewing machine need help

Postby Eva21 » Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:03 pm

Hi everyone,

So first of all i'm new on this website, thank you in advance for you're help. Also i'm a french speaker so i'll try to explain the best i can.

I'm a patternmaker for many years now and i sew on industrial sewing machine since i've started, pretty pragmatic i can repair most of the time the problem that i encounter. But now the problem is beyond my knowledge. I bought a electronic sunstar sewing machine. And i can't sew anything because there an error that appear on the screen, ERROR 132. I look threw out internet and found out that it's probably the conductor / relay is not connected to the start-up control PCB. I don't really understand but when i looked and open the board behind i think i found the problem, some wire have been cut or something.

So here i may have a partial solution but i need to know where those two wire need to be connected (see the picture below). I tryed looking for a picture of the machine on google so i can figure out, but there's no picture of the rear sewing machine, tryed to wrote to the company but they never answered since it's a older machine i guess.

The best i could have is a picture of someone else sewing machine (Sunstar model SPU-100). Or someone that really know about electronic and could explain where to connect those wire.

Here's the website the potential Error 132 ... ntryID=117 sorry i don't know how to make URL :?

Thank you very very much for you're consideration.

Oops i don't know how to make a URL of my picture, also if anyone can tell me how so i can show you my problem. Thank's a lot
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