Reliable Barracuda not stitching

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Reliable Barracuda not stitching

Postby pumfe » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:04 pm

Hey, All,

I used this machine last year to sew some boat canvas and had no issues, but when I tried to use it last night, and it won't stitch. It appears that the very first time the needle goes down and comes back to the top, its pulling the knot/loop up from the bobbin side. Basically the first time the needle goes down and back up, there is an extra section of thread. If I continue to try and sew, it will pull the thread out of the needle or will break the thread.

I am using Tenara thread, but also tried some standard thread with the same result. I'm sure it's some sort of setting I have off, but after 4 hours of trying different adjustments, which included the top tension and bobbin tension, and I even lowered the needle arm a hair... I am at a loss.

I've tried to upload some photos, but in phone format, the site doesn't recognize, and in PDF format, the site says the uploaded file is empty.

Thanks in advance!!
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