Sewing Advent Calendar

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Sewing Advent Calendar

Postby proudhubby » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:27 pm

Hi Everybody

I am looking for some help, I am not a sewer but the proud husband of one but I would like to make my wife a sewing themed advent calendar for this year. I have an advent calendar with boxes so it is ready to be filled but I would love to hear some ideas what to put in it (things she wouldn't expect me to know!). For any gifts that are too big I could put in a note where it can be found!

As sewers, what would you like to see in a "sewing advent calendar" and what would be a suitable gift for number 24?

Thanks in advance and please don't tell my wife :wink:

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Re: Sewing Advent Calendar

Postby TheArtBird » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:17 am

This is a fun idea! You may also want to take into account what things she has/needs/uses regularly, but here are some of my suggestions:
*Thread spools
*Stitch ripper
*Tiny scissors
*Bobbin (make sure this matches the machine she uses, you can get assistance from stores for which bobbins will work as long as you know what kind of sewing machine she has)
*Fun adhesive patches/embroideries
*Sewing needle
*Pin cushion
*Fabric (depending on how big your advent spaces are)
*Elastic rolls
*Sewing pattern
*Maybe a coupon to a sewing store?

As for what would be a good day 24, maybe some fabric? Pick some nice/fun colours/patterns you think she would like and make a little bundle.

Hope that helps! Though I may be a bit too late..


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